christian wordpress hosting

We offer Christian WordPress web hosting for as low as $2.99 a month. No one even comes close to this price for fully optimized, full speed, WordPress hosting. And our auto WP manager installs, backs up, and upgrades everything automatically. WordPress is included for free with all Christian Web Hosting plans.

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WordPress is now the most popular christian website building tool in the world. This could be because it’s easy enough for anyone to use, yet it has thousands of plugins and tens of thousands of themes/templates available to grow with. It could be the modern designs, powerful options, and the freedom to build any type of website you want. One thing for sure, with about 30% of the entire Internet using WordPress, it’s a pretty safe bet for starting your website with. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Our auto installer will add it with one click and allow it to be secured and updated the day new updates come up, all on it’s own. You can use it with any web hosting plan but we suggest getting the Pro Web Hosting Plan as a minimal. WordPress does take a lot more power to run than a normal HTML5 website.

Mobile Optimized
The default WordPress templates are already set to run on all devices.

Great For SEO
Don’t worry about spending thousands or anything on SEO. It’s already built in.

This means anyone can come in and make improvements, addons, and upgrades.